Love her or Not?

She might not be the easiest girl to fall for. She tends to overthink a lot. Sometimes, she tends to overreact and often gets insecure. If you are with her, she’ll want your complete attention. Even though she doesn’t say much, but she notices every minute detail about you. She doesn’t appreciate fancy gifts, all she wants is your time and love. She is quite skeptical about her choices and therefore requires a lot of assurance.

There are times when she doesn’t know when to stop fighting with you even if she’s wrong and there are days when there is a storm inside her but still prefer to stay Calm. She might shove you away if she senses that you will hurt her. She may not be a Foodie but she can have her favourite food all week round. She might not be a sports enthusiast but outdoor games still do not fail to bring out the child in her. She loves to hang out but at the same time, she is one who would prefer to spend her weekends in the comfort of her home.

Loving her will pressure you, make you anguish, at times break your heart. There will be a time when loving her will test you, challenge you, and might as well change you. It may get so tough that you’ll be lured to walk away; it may get so difficult that you’ll think about giving up, and it may get so intricate that you won’t want to deal with her anymore. Loving her means you get to see her at her worst and most vulnerable and that is something that you’ll have to be strong enough to handle because she needs someone who’s tolerant enough to understand her.

She might not be the best at being loved but she’s pretty amazing at loving. Once you succeed in conquering her heart, you will have the best of her. She is the woman that will not have any second thoughts in giving all she could, just to get the smile on her man’s face. She loves fearlessly, unconditionally and sincerely. She will be the one you can bank upon when the rest of the world becomes cynical. If you’re her Man then you are the Man of her tiny little world too. And if she really is the one for you then She is definitely worth the risk 🙂

25th Birthday – A Letter to the 25 Year old Me

25th Birthday

I do not need a formal introduction, right. Do I? Though we talk on the daily basis, this is the first time I would be writing you a letter because today’s day is different. Since it is your 25th birthday, I thought of just rewinding back time for you. No, no do not take it literally. I do not have a time machine or something. What I meant is that let us just freshen up the core memories of your life. Now that you are entering this new phase of your life, I want you to remember all the happy as well as sad moments of your life that together contributed to helping you grow. Being the sole witness of your life journey, I would love to have reminisced about these wonderful memories.

I still remember the tiny cute little girl who was carefree about everything around. Even after being scold for coming one hour late for the classes every day, she still used to get up late. Those chapattis, which aatya (aunt) used to feed, were like a start button to open your eyes. In addition, the tantrums that you used to show while shopping were countless (still is :p). You are really a very choosy person from childhood. Remember that day when you purchased that cute red velvet color dress and you wanted to wear red sandals on it. Therefore, you roamed the entire market with your aunt just to purchase the right one for yourself. You are not really a fight person. You will argue and debate but fighting has always scared you from childhood.
I recall the time when your class boy used to trouble you. He also broke your teeth once but somehow you could not really fight him back. You love watching horror movies or listening to ghost stories. I guess this developed from your childhood. Since every night dad use to narrate bedtime ghost stories and you really enjoyed listening to them. Do you remember the time when you got less marks in your class test and your tuition teacher had asked you to get it signed by your parents? You were so scared to show it up to your parents that you tried to copy your dad’s signature. The next day, teacher called up your dad to cross check it. Ha-ha… Not a good memory of what happened after that but that day certainly taught you a lot.
One of the incidents that I hark back to was the time when everyone used to threaten you about sending you for a dance class. Since you are the shy type, you were scared of public appearances. However, there was a point when you were so fed-up with their intimidation that you decided to overcome your fear. You made that bold decision of participating in the dance performance at your school annual day. This incident certainly made you a courageous person. Since then there was no looking back, you have performed in every event at the school and have won many prizes for the same. I have never seen you as obsess by anything like the one you had for the cycle. Every time, you would go shopping with mom you used to stand in front of that cycle store admiring all the cycles and then cribbing for one: p
Do you remember that accident which happened just a day before the annual day? You had participated in a group dance. You gathered with all your friends for your final practice and that is when you had a fall and got injuries on your head. You had four stitches behind your left ear but even at that moment, all you were thinking was about your performance. You did not want to spoil your team performance just because of that incident. Even with all those stitches on your head, you pulled out the performance incredibly, because, for you, your people’s problems are much more important than your own troubles.
From childhood, you have faced your fears bravely. Remember the school elections. How your elder sister convinced you to stand for head girl’s position in the school and you were scared to death because that would have involved public facing which you hated to the core. Nevertheless, since it was her dream, you decided to give it a try. The students participating were distributing chocolates and gifts but you decided to play fairly. I still remember how you sat on your bench putting your head down when the principal was announcing the names. Moreover, you could not believe that you won the head girl title until the time you did not confirm it with your friend. That was certainly a turning point because that position did teach you many things.
You have always been a reserved person. That is why; even in school, you tended to make very few friends. You did not like opening up to people somehow, you failed to trust people easily. So slowly, you started to share your thoughts in your diary and that is where your writing habit was hail from. I remember how consistently you worked hard for your boards. I have seen all your struggle and hard work closely. However, you did not meet your expectations but you have certainly excelled with flying colours securing the third rank in school.
In addition, the time when you had that cute confusion which made you fall for the right person in your life. The morning you sat regretting and expecting things, which made you to, finally confess your love. And that’s what bloomed a beautiful relationship, which has now grown deeply. Like every teenage kid, you still were confused about your career path. Being a child you always wanted to become a dentist (god knows what made you think about it) but as the years passed by it slowly moved towards engineering and when the results were finally out you still weren’t sure about it. Therefore, you choose B.Sc.IT since you were interested in technology. However, with each semester you realized that was not something you wish to do. Somehow, somewhere, something struck that motivated you towards writing. Moreover, the published review article in Film Fare Magazine certainly opened a door that directed you towards the writing field. Hence, you took up your first job as a Content Writer.
With years flipping down, you have filled your life’s bucket with enormous memories that you can hark back on. Memories that made you laugh, cry or angry. Some broke you apart while some strengthen your will. However, more importantly these memories made you the person you are today. Surely, you have made many mistakes and some of the silliest ones but they all rest in past.
Being with you for almost 25 years now, I understand your thoughts, your fears, your goals and your emotions too. I know people always misjudge you by your behavior but I know deep down how much you care for the people around. I have seen you go that extra mile for people who do not even value it but you never gave up since your close ones mean the world to you. I know exactly what you are going through now as the quarter-life crisis stroke you hard. A lot of pressure surrounds you regarding your job, career & family. Nevertheless, I want you to understand that this is the stage, which makes you skeptical about your own life but at no cost, you will let this affect your happiness. It is OK to be imperfect, it is OK to make mistakes as you are still learning and it is totally fine to fail. Just remember that never stop trying no matter what the situation.
It might feel like time has slipped from your palms but remember that life has just begun my dear. Do not let you temporary insecurities ruined your internal peace. You have always been a responsible child and you will always be. Just because certain things do not work according to your plan that does not mean you are doing something wrong. There is so much to life, embrace it. I just want to tell you that I am proud of you so do not get demotivated for silly reasons. You are a strong and a smart girl. You have made some of the wisest decisions in your life. You have the courage to fight the oddest day with the brightest smile. Just do not lose hope and always believe in your doings. Life has always been a rollercoaster ride and it will be the same in the future. However, it is on you how you want to take this ride. Whether you want to enjoy it to the fullest or be scared, close your eyes and miss the experience.
One thing that I want you to do is to give yourself the permission to be everything you can be. Don’t hold back just because of your fears. Promise me one thing that you will always keep your passion burning in your heart and never be sorry for who you are. There will be obstacles, hard times, and moments where your mind takes you to a dark place but remember we have been there and each time bounced back more strongly. Even though you are in a haze of our future, trust your beings that everything will fall into place. No matter whatever you do, I will always be there beside you so do not worry too much. Have fun and enjoy every moment!
Stay strong and true to yourself
Congratulations on completing a milestone and good luck for the future.
Happy 25th Birthday Smiley

Much Love