5 Lessons I learnt from Sunsets


I have tons of sunset pictures clicked and stored in my hard drive and the people who know me know how crazy I’m for sunsets. But even though I have so many memories of it, I’m never really satisfied capturing those moments. It is as if you can never really have enough of it. With each picture so distinct and startling, and the memories so vivid, you can never have the same experience twice because each time it ushers something new. And that is why I wish to share five important lessons of my life taught by Sunsets.

Widen your Perspective


Have you ever had an evening walk on the beach? Assuming, most of us certainly have spent their Sunday evenings doing so. I still remember the time I spend at the seashore gazing at the sky or the distant horizon and listening to the sounds of the waves crashing. It reminded me how vast the universe is and how much small part I play within it. It taught me how our problems aren’t as big as they appear and kindled hope for a better tomorrow.

Live in the Moment


Living the city’s hustle & bustle life of chasing careers and racing for the future, we have forgotten to appreciate what’s in our hand – Our Present. And sunsets make you believe in that. It is sometimes essential to let loose ourselves and escape our way out to something so real yet magical. We are so busy achieving the goals that as soon as we reach a goal, we replaced it with another one. The struggle keeps juggling as we keep shifting our finish line. Watching sunsets taught me to break this pattern, stop, look around, and notice beauty.

Unfolding the Process


In this fast-paced world, people always claim to live more on social media. This is the reason why you will always see a bunch of people on the beach, but instead of enjoying that little moment of being, you will often find them snapping pictures for their Instagram or Facebook. But that’s the thing about sunsets. Its value comes in being present throughout the process. And every bit of that process is beautiful. The same goes with life, we want to skip the slow or painful parts and halt the happy moments but the beauty of life is to embrace it completely. Sunsets taught me that life keeps moving, and that’s okay. How you cherish the moment is important rather than rustling to the end.

The Ending is just Another Start


When you’re sitting on the beach, listening to the birds chirping, watching the evolution of the evening sky, it appears to be never-ending. As the colours of the day fade, the stars begin to appear, and the sunlight is replaced with the moonlight, I realised that even though I watched the end of the day but there was never an ultimate drape to it. It just the beginning of a beautiful night, and life is just like that too. As per the quote, ‘Change is the only constant’, even though it might seem abrupt, and unexpected – like the beautiful transformation of day and night but at the end it also has threads of continuity and connection.

Kindle Hope


Leaving us in the darkness as the sun melts away over the horizon, it gives us a hope to enjoy its magnificence again tomorrow. Life might seem scary at times, as we don’t know what’s kept next for us, but there is this tiny faith that keeps us going. And each time when things seem a bit hard on me, Sunset helps me believe that there will always be a better tomorrow. It draws your mind to the present as you learn to appreciate the beauty of today with a belief for a beautiful tomorrow.

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