Trapped in my Mind

I entered the mind-palace

That seems so empty and deep

Looking for answers to my questions

Filled up with my aggression

There is so much in my heart

But I don’t know from where to start

What have I done to myself?

As I move ahead with the past luggage

I realize

With memories so vivid

I’m scared to look back

Just like in movies,

The monster is right behind my back

I can feel his breath below my neck

So, I close my eyes

To hide my lies

My own mind scares me to death

These walls of wrath engulfs me in depth

On the outside,  

Everything seems pretty normal

But on the inside,  

It has become a constant battle of portal

I don’t know what’s real

And as I fight to find a way

In a moment,

My all struggles seems vain

With a lost hope I move closer,

Trying to make amends with the demons

That’s when I saw a reflection of my conscience.

A dim light yet so bright

Just like a sunny sky after the stormy night.

I had entered the mind-palace

That seems so empty and deep

Looking for answers to my questions

Only to realize

These are my mind’s dearly obsessions

You’re not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Like most teen girls, I always struggle to fit in the squad and be liked by my other classmates. We all are guided from our childhood always to be yourself and nice to people, and eventually, people will like you. But, it was never that simple for me. I always tried my best to fit in by doing things that are loved by others such as wearing clothes that the other girls wear, makeup according to the latest trends or watching TV shows that are liked by all and playing games that are played by all. But the fact that I was never really into makeup, what they were wearing wasn’t really my style, TV Shows or the games they played were never in my interest. In a moment of desperation to be liked by everyone, I started forcing myself into someone I wasn’t.

Sure at the core, I was still the same old person, but since I knew that the society accepts those who follow the troop and behave in a certain way, it sometime use to overburden me with doubt. I had a handful of friends throughout my school and college, and soon I realise that no amount of common ground would ever make some people like me. Certainly, we all have gone through this phase in our life where we change our preferences, interest, looks or behaviour with a motive to be accepted and liked by someone. We all want to be accepted and acknowledged. Unfortunately, we live in the world where people take one quick look at you and decide whether to include you in their circle or not.

Surround Yourself with People who Love you

The world is jam-packed with people who will always nag, judge and pull you down. No matter what you do or how hard you try, they simply won’t like you. Some people love you, fiercely. Keep them safe because they are your people. Stop trying to please the ones who aren’t your people. They won’t buy what you’re selling. You can never be their cup of tea, and neither will they be yours. Don’t expect them to walk your path with you. They won’t ever understand. Politely wave them away as you move ahead. Share your path with the ones who appreciate and know your worth. Always be who you are and cherish your true self for that’s what is more important. Because you’re not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s completely Okay!