The Lockdown – Stay Home, Stay Safe!

I’m getting bored at home! It’s been one week since the lockdown due to corona virus, I have been home and have repeated this dialogue almost 100 times. Quite relatable right! I’ m sure, I’m not the only one doing it. This sudden drift in our lives have certainly taken a toll over us. But do you remember yourself wishing for that one extra day off at work or school? Yes, I do regret that thought now. Obviously, we didn’t wish for something like this to happen.

Somehow, this made me remember Anne Frank. I know there is no comparison between the struggles faced by the Jews. But this indeed connects us to the personal mental struggle of every household faced during those times. We have been shattered by the mere thought of being locked down for 21 days. Can you even imagine the struggle faced by Anne Frank and her family of being lockdown for almost two years? They were protecting their lives from the Nazis, and here we are protecting ours from the COVID-19.

Hope never Fades

This sudden break in our life made me think about how temporary everything around us is. This made me realize how uncertain our life is. One moment we are so busy making our lives, and the next moment everything takes a halt. Everything that seems so essential in my entire life now seems useless. I believe everything will space out with time, and life will get back to normal soon, but this time is crucial. We have always cribbed for having an extra Sunday or getting more time to spend with our family. Especially the ones, living in metropolitan cities, we, people, are always busy making our careers, building a life for our loved ones and us. This is your moment to live that life with your family, make the most of it because you will never get it back. Stay home and stay safe! And together will come out through this soon.

P.S: For those unaware of Anne Frank, please do read The diary of a Young Girl.

Being Kind in an Unkind World

It was a typical Saturday morning. I woke up a bit late but somehow manage to board my regular metro to work. Dragging yourself to work on a weekend is definitely a task; ask anyone who has office on Saturdays. Now after getting down from the metro, it’s a 5-10 minutes’ walk to reach my office. Lost in thoughts as I took the usual lane, I was stopped by an elderly uncle who maybe would be in his fifty’s to lend him 10RS. Now, the odd thing about him was he was dressed appropriately (not too shabby like the ones worn by beggars) as well as he asked for money in English? But the moment he asked for cash, I was taken aback because the first thought that came to my mind What if it was a fake attempt.

Given the mediocrity of the society, we have been trained from childhood that if any stranger tries to communicate you in an unexpected manner then chances are that they might kidnap you. Now, I might sound bizarre to some of you, but that is what my first instinct was. And without giving any second thoughts, I just kept walking towards my office. But as I walked over 6-7 steps ahead, the fact that I started memorizing the scenario in my mind and happen to wonder what if that guy was a genuine one or what if he really needed that 10rs? I turned back to check on him but he wasn’t there. Now that left me in dual minds should I look out for him or rather get back to my work. But as I scanned the road, I found no trace of him and I decided to move ahead. However that incident certainly made me realize one thing and that is kindness is steadily fading from our society. Even though there thousands of us who really want to help the needy but are afraid to do so.

I remember a very famous line from Christropher Nolan’s film – The Dark Knight which goes like this:

‘People can be as good as the world lets them’

Have you ever wondered what if you’re stuck in such situations and nobody bothers to help you? Will that be fine for you? Obviously no, right? One thing that I learned from this is, it is important to keep the kindness flame burning within us. I know the world around isn’t always good, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing the right thing. Be alert, aware and attentive to your surrounding and act accordingly. Let’s come forward to bring this change and make this world a better place to live in, not only for us but also for our future generations.

5 Lessons I learnt from Sunsets


I have tons of sunset pictures clicked and stored in my hard drive and the people who know me know how crazy I’m for sunsets. But even though I have so many memories of it, I’m never really satisfied capturing those moments. It is as if you can never really have enough of it. With each picture so distinct and startling, and the memories so vivid, you can never have the same experience twice because each time it ushers something new. And that is why I wish to share five important lessons of my life taught by Sunsets.

Widen your Perspective


Have you ever had an evening walk on the beach? Assuming, most of us certainly have spent their Sunday evenings doing so. I still remember the time I spend at the seashore gazing at the sky or the distant horizon and listening to the sounds of the waves crashing. It reminded me how vast the universe is and how much small part I play within it. It taught me how our problems aren’t as big as they appear and kindled hope for a better tomorrow.

Live in the Moment


Living the city’s hustle & bustle life of chasing careers and racing for the future, we have forgotten to appreciate what’s in our hand – Our Present. And sunsets make you believe in that. It is sometimes essential to let loose ourselves and escape our way out to something so real yet magical. We are so busy achieving the goals that as soon as we reach a goal, we replaced it with another one. The struggle keeps juggling as we keep shifting our finish line. Watching sunsets taught me to break this pattern, stop, look around, and notice beauty.

Unfolding the Process


In this fast-paced world, people always claim to live more on social media. This is the reason why you will always see a bunch of people on the beach, but instead of enjoying that little moment of being, you will often find them snapping pictures for their Instagram or Facebook. But that’s the thing about sunsets. Its value comes in being present throughout the process. And every bit of that process is beautiful. The same goes with life, we want to skip the slow or painful parts and halt the happy moments but the beauty of life is to embrace it completely. Sunsets taught me that life keeps moving, and that’s okay. How you cherish the moment is important rather than rustling to the end.

The Ending is just Another Start


When you’re sitting on the beach, listening to the birds chirping, watching the evolution of the evening sky, it appears to be never-ending. As the colours of the day fade, the stars begin to appear, and the sunlight is replaced with the moonlight, I realised that even though I watched the end of the day but there was never an ultimate drape to it. It just the beginning of a beautiful night, and life is just like that too. As per the quote, ‘Change is the only constant’, even though it might seem abrupt, and unexpected – like the beautiful transformation of day and night but at the end it also has threads of continuity and connection.

Kindle Hope


Leaving us in the darkness as the sun melts away over the horizon, it gives us a hope to enjoy its magnificence again tomorrow. Life might seem scary at times, as we don’t know what’s kept next for us, but there is this tiny faith that keeps us going. And each time when things seem a bit hard on me, Sunset helps me believe that there will always be a better tomorrow. It draws your mind to the present as you learn to appreciate the beauty of today with a belief for a beautiful tomorrow.

Trapped in my Mind

I entered the mind-palace

That seems so empty and deep

Looking for answers to my questions

Filled up with my aggression

There is so much in my heart

But I don’t know from where to start

What have I done to myself?

As I move ahead with the past luggage

I realize

With memories so vivid

I’m scared to look back

Just like in movies,

The monster is right behind my back

I can feel his breath below my neck

So, I close my eyes

To hide my lies

My own mind scares me to death

These walls of wrath engulfs me in depth

On the outside,  

Everything seems pretty normal

But on the inside,  

It has become a constant battle of portal

I don’t know what’s real

And as I fight to find a way

In a moment,

My all struggles seems vain

With a lost hope I move closer,

Trying to make amends with the demons

That’s when I saw a reflection of my conscience.

A dim light yet so bright

Just like a sunny sky after the stormy night.

I had entered the mind-palace

That seems so empty and deep

Looking for answers to my questions

Only to realize

These are my mind’s dearly obsessions

Never Judge a Book by its Cover

don't judge others

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

― George Eliot

Going by the quote, I remember one incident.

Although it’s been years now, I still clearly remember that Sunday afternoon when I sat along with my sisters to watch TV. Back then, Sunday’s were all about watching movies together. It seems like I sound pretty old times, but it’s just a few years back when families actually use to binge watch together. Getting back to the topic, being siblings, we share a common love for Horror films – Yay! Might sound crazy but we do are horror-fanatic. And while surfing through the channels – we came across a movie name Insidious: Chapter 2. Now, for those who don’t follow this genre; Insidious is a supernatural horror film directed by James Wan.

Back to the Story…

We were so engrossed in the film that we didn’t even realize that there was a visitor at our home. There was a lady who came to visit mom. I didn’t even know who the lady was, but through her appearance, she seemed like a normal middle-aged woman who would probably be a housewife and didn’t much appear to be literate. Now, sorry for sounding so judgemental but somehow, we all are. I’m sure each of us has drawn that line of presumption around people some or the other point of time. Observing us immersed in the movie, she asked me the name of the film we were watching. And to my immediate presumption, I assumed she wouldn’t know nor understand the movie as it was a Hollywood film.

Therefore, I just answered her saying, ‘it’s an English Film.’

To which she immediately responded ‘yes, but which film?’

I hesitated but replied her with the movie name and her response left us all in surprised.

She said, ‘Oh, that movie! It’s a wonderful film. You should watch the chapter1 too. I have watched both parts and loved it.’

I weakly smiled at her, and my heart was filled with guilt. Even though it’s such a small thing, but that day certainly thought me something valuable that is, never judge a person on his appearance. It was a life lesson for me.

You Need to Stop Assuming!!!

We often judge people based upon their external appearance. However, it is observed that once you get to know the person and see what’s on the inside, the reality is completely different then what you had imagined. No matter how vulnerable a person may claim to be, every Tom, Dick, and Harry makes presumptions about others which are strictly based on first impressions. You merely see someone for a split second, and you make assumptions on their attitude, personality, and character. However, our actions, or inaction’s, and how we treat others are often influenced by these naive and often imprecise first impressions.

Not just a Phase…

I’m okay I’m okay

These words seem so heavy

I don’t know who am I consoling

Is it this selfish world or my turbulent soul

With a blink of an eye

My world seems to die

Each day seems so heavy

That I can’t explain why

I wake up everyday with a hollow smile

At first it was evident on my face

But I’m tired of answering the same question again and again

I’m okay.. I’m okay.. I screamed at the world

Locked my self in washroom to cry my soul

Put on a smile to hide my scars

And everything seem normal to the people around

I tried, I honestly tried

But with time the mask got dried

I still struggled to wake up bright

Over time I have realized people really don’t care

Whether you open up or you don’t share

I’m done pretending to the world and to myself

Because somewhere in this dark place I found my comfort

So I locked my soul up there

Because that’s whereI belong I guess…

Getting Lucky is a Myth?


We have always heard people using these phrases and sometimes we too say the same things like ‘good luck’, ‘He just got lucky’, ‘If only I had had a spell of luck’, ‘You have a lucky day today’ and so on. Now, what exactly one means by it? No, I’m not asking the actual definition of luck. What I meant is, do we ourselves actually believe in luck in today’s time?

We have seen in our day-to-day life, what influence luck has on our lives. I, myself have experienced this so many times that I already forgot the count. One such incident that I want to share is from my school days. Our teacher had assigned every student a project and it had to be submitted in a week’s time. Since the project was an essential part of our final year score, we all were on our toe to do our best. But there was one guy in our class who was least bother about all this.

I still remember the night before the final submission, I was awake till 2 am; making the final edits in my project. The next day what our teacher announced was a shock to us all. She didn’t even bother to check our projects in fact; she extended the project deadline for 2 weeks. It disheartened all of us who had worked so hard for the whole last week. On the other side, the guy who had not even started with it was laughing over it. Now, you might think of it as just a coincidence but believe me there are incidences where even coincident excuses have failed.

I’m sure many among us do believe in hard work more than the luck factor. And I do not say everything depends on your luck too. I firmly believe in hard work and dedication but somehow somewhere or something always makes me believe in this luck game. I believe that everything happening around happens for a certain reason. A good example of luck is participating in the lottery competition. Picking the winning lottery numbers means that you are actually just picking random numbers and hoping that they turn out to be the lucky numbers. In the end, it all comes down to your luck because we don’t have any control over it.

I have seen people working passionately towards achieving their goal. They have slogged hard, compromise over leisure to reach the position they are at now. I truly believe on the following quote by Paulo Coelho

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’

– Paulo Coelho

And I’m sure many of you would agree on it too. For me, hard work and luck go hand-in-hand. That is why always keep doing your best and sooner or later luck will shine upon you.

Embrace Being Ordinary


‘Ordinary’ is not a word it’s a statement. A statement that engulfs so much within it.

Why do we underestimate it so much?

Why is it always essential to add that EXTRA in your Ordinary?

And Why are we never satisfied with an Ordinary?

There are so many other questions that erupt like a volcano within me

As children, we are always thought to be our best in whatever we do. And there is no harm in it but expecting that extra in everything we do surely takes a toll over us. Sooner, our life starts becoming a battleground where we strive to add that extra by being ahead of others. But is it always necessary to be extraordinary to excel in life and more importantly be happy in life?

We don’t wish for an ordinary life or ordinary home and for that matter an ordinary lifestyle. We can never settle for ordinary. I don’t say that hoping for better things in life is a sin but all I want to say is sometimes it is awesome to be an Ordinary. As the great proverb says,’Expectations leads to Disappointment’, we need to learn to accept things as they are. And it brings so much joy when we appreciate the little things in our life rather than complaining about the things that don’t even exist in our life.

It’s time we stop expecting so much from life. It is okay to not have great marks in your exams, okay to fail in love, to get rejected in interviews, to not have that great lifestyle and it is completely fine to be an ordinary. Life is not a race that needs to be won, it’s a beautiful ride that needs to be enjoyed to the fullest. The road  have potholes, speed-breakers and even some nuisance drivers but all these should not affect your journey. You might at times need to put a break to slow down a bit or accelerate it in order to pull off. All you got to do is, stay calm and focused.

Like, we always say every person is different and unique. And that makes each one of us extraordinary. So, the best way to do it is by being our-self’s and stop comparing our life to others. Be true to yourself, keep learning and keep growing! And I’m sure you will fall in love with the ordinary😊

Unload your Emotional Luggage

Life can sometime come at us so fast and furious that hopelessness can invade our hearts. It can get just downright boring and depressing. It also might give us time to turn our focus on ourselves such that we find it not worth it to live any longer. The feeling of sheer hopelessness and self-hatred escorts depression. There will be times you be awake at night feeling like your head will burst. It is because every bad thought is circling around and around persistently.

Angry at God, at the world, at family, at friends, or just about anybody can make us send a message by doing the ultimate selfish act of suicide. But suicide was never an answer nor will it ever be. There will be a time when you feel, there is nothing to live for. The voice over your head might be over powering you but you have to realize that it is wrong. You will need time to get strong enough to challenge it. Sometimes it might be difficult to deal with problems all alone. At such times try talking to someone who is close to you. Talking over the issues and getting consult might help you to reduce the stress. It will also help in overcoming the worries.

It might become difficult to live with a heavy heart that might suffocate. No matter how long you have been in that hole, how deep it is or how hopeless it seems to attempt to climb out of it, you have to overcome the demon inside you. There is no magic spill to cure depression and anxiety; it is you will that makes it possible although the correct medications do play a vital role in recovery.

Depression can happen for multiple reasons. It can be failure in your career, loss of someone dear to you or even the feeling of being left alone. At times, we may feel completely lost. We aren’t lost, but that’s how we felt. However we have to realize that after the loss of a dear one, our life changes completely. There might be a time when you unexpectedly face failure, but you should always remember that failure is our first step towards success. You might want to go back to how it was, but you can’t go back.

You have to struggle a lot to overcome your grief. You have to learn to accept what you cannot change. Acceptance allows us to use our pain as a means of growth.The first step towards recovery is the decision to be in recovery; to value our self and put a stop to self-destructive behavior. You should be kind to yourself, talk to yourself as you would to someone that you love and never get disheartened by the bad times because they will be for short span of time.