My Lost Treasure

In life you meet all kinds of people, some make you laugh, some make you cry, some lifts your spirit, some stamp your soul, some stay for lifetime others are just lessons learned. Then all of a sudden, you meet someone you connect instantly, someone with whom you can talk without a filter. But somehow you realize that staying with them would make your life go haywire. Nevertheless, even in that chaos, you somewhere find peace with them. You still wish to pause time with them.

Heartbreaks are part of our lives, and as we move on, we realize even though the memories get fade off, there will always be a part of you who will sneak out of that window of time to pause for a while and relive those moments of a lifetime. We can’t go back in time, nor can we change our pasts, but even if we could, would you change it for the cost of your future?

Some things are certainly meant to be no matter what we do. Some paths are to be crossed, some are to be walked parallel, and some become our home. And no matter how much ever we want to protect and hold on to that treasure of memories, we soon realize that it was meant to slip just like sand through your fingers.

Moving On – Flash Fiction

There she lay lifeless because something had broken inside her. Thousands of memories rolled back in her mind. She wanted to scream, let out her pain, run across, and lock herself in the room, yet she found it hard even to shed a tear. What is this weird feeling?

Aarohi…Are you okay?‘ Noor cried, breaking her thoughts.

She looked concerned. But Aarohi was still packing the bundle of memories that got unleashed.

Aarohi, will you respond?‘ Now Noor’s voice demanded an answer. But Aarohi did not utter a word.

Back of her mind, she knew one day this was about to happen, but what she didn’t know was, how she would handle this news.

It’s been more than a year Rehan left her, but somehow, she still couldn’t let him go of her life.

Move on, Aarohi!‘ Her friends joked about it.

But deep down, only she knew how much difficult it was for her.

Is it really easy for people to give up on people they love the most?

She remembered every night, making promises to herself to let go of things and start new. And yet she found herself caged in those same walls of love and affection. She screamed and cried for help at the top of her voice, but it was as if the world had become deaf to her voice.

But today she smiled at the pain and at those walls that no longer hold her. This was not the end for her but a new beginning. And, as the world started to fade in her eyes, she took the last look at the paper in hand which read ‘Rehan weds Mithali’ and closing her eyes she embraced death with open arms.

Letters to Juliet

Last week when boredom began to take over me and as my saviour I looked upon my friend to get some movie choices. She suggested me a list of movies in which I happened to come across a movie named ‘Letter’s to Juliet’. Now, there might be many among you who have watched it decade ago but I assume that there are still several ignorant like me who are totally unaware of it. The movie was a delight but what caught my attention was the fact on which the entire movie was designed.  You can call me naïve but until this point in my life I was completely unaware of this sweet-tempered tradition that has been into practises for ages now. As we all know, Sir William Shakespeare never failed to impress us with his remarkable writings but to have one of his most beautiful fictional character Juliet Capulet from his timeless romance genre Romeo Juliet into life is a next level of intimacy towards literature.

Love is in the Air in Verona, Italy

A place in Verona, Italy (Juliet’s hometown) which is considered Juliet’s home, where there is this iconic balcony which Romeo is said to have climbed every night to meet Juliet; lovelorn folks from around the world visit this place writing notes and letters to Shakespeare favourite heroine, seeking her advice and counsel. And it’s not just that, there is a club which includes members who called them Juliet’s secretaries. This team of volunteers reply back to every heartfelt letter or note that is addressed to Juliet on behalf of Juliet. If you look beyond the scraps of paper, pink bubble-gum and graffiti-plastered walls of Juliet’s home and you’ll find a genuine and lovely tradition known as the Club di Giulietta. How interesting is that, right? Ever since the time I watched the film and researched about this endearing belief, I have this constant urge to experience what it feels like to write an actual letter pouring your heart out to one of literature’s great heroine. And getting a letter from Juliet is definitely something on my bucket list :p

So,What are your thoughts on the same?

Heartfelt Letter to Kavya and Dhruv – Little Things

“It’s Not For Us to Say

What Will Be

And At the End of the Day

We’ll see

Which Way the Whole Things Bends?

And What It Could Bring

‘Cuz Nothing Really Matters

If We Could Swing

‘Cept the Little Things”

Dear Kavya and Dhruv,

Watching the larger than life bond between you two has certainly kindled love in the life of every girl next door like me. You made us believe that not every love story has to have a fairy tale romance, but rather an ordinary love story can spark more magic when it is genuine. Even though every girl is looking out for their prince charming but deep down, all we need is a much-in-love partner who is equally driven by the quest for good food and good times. I have travelled this journey of your story with you. You taught us that love is found in the simplest of things.  

From calling each other ‘Slothbear’ and ‘Momo’ to the time, Dhruv sent you mutton biryani in the office to make up for your ruined outfit and when Kavya made perfect Sunday breakfast for you when you missed the wedding – You guys are couple goals. It was always a delight to watch your food arguments and your passion for food, especially momos.  You reminded me that in the race of creating a wonderful and extra-ordinary future, you should not forget to enjoy the little moment that is present in our life.

Dhru, the way you pampered Kavya and made her the best stew when she was ill definitely shows how quintessential boyfriend you’re that every girl would crave for.

Kavya, the way you cheered Dhruv to follow his dream and supported him like a backbone, you certainly have stolen a million hearts through your cuteness already.

Like every ordinary romance which seems breezy and light later is interrupted by conflict, you too faced these storm clouds. I felt a pinch in my heart, seeing you struggle to figure out whether you both are even friends anymore? Something struck inside me when you raised the question of whether one should move on from relationships when things don’t feel the same anymore or stick together and make it work? Because deep inside, I so badly wanted you to work it out.

You’re a classic modern-day couple that juggles through everyday tiffs, insecurities, uncertainties, and career goals but yet manages to make their friendship survive all the storms. So, what if there are fundamental differences in your personalities and you perceive things differently? Nothing else matters as long as you look at it together. As long as one accepts their mistake and the other forgives and as long as you are there for each other because in the end nothing else really matters except the little things.

Lots of Love,

Ordinary fan of your extra-ordinary Love story

P.S: For those who are unaware of these two amazing individuals and are still wondering what made them so special then please go watch ‘Little Things’ web series on ‘Netflix’(And kindly note that this is not a promotion post rather a genuine appreciation post for the two brilliant characters)

You’re the One

Though it feels like few Miles

We have shared so many Smiles

The bond that we share is so rare

You’re my guardian & best friend

I still remember the silly talks,

Having Chaats and the late night walks

Though it has been 8 years of togetherness

It feels like forever with the same old freshness

Often I wonder what made you the one.

Is it your cheerful nature or the not-so funny puns?

Is it the way you made me feel beautiful inside out?

Or the time you walked that extra mile beyond doubt?

Is it your yummiest tender coconut ice-cream?

Or your hourly lectures to motivate my self-esteem?

Each time saving for me the last few fries

And understanding all my veggie cries,

You know my worst nightmares & my craziest dreams,

Because after all we are in one team,

You can handle all my tantrums and drama,

Love me even in my pyjamas.

You’re patient; you’re humble

And always ready to catch me when I stumble.

Like every ordinary couple we have our ups and downs

But you will always be the king to my crown.

Letting Go….

A lot of us hoped for n number of things in life, material objects that can symbolise our status and success. Many among us wish to own a house, have a fruitful career, and have a happy family. Apart from possessions and recognition, people also desire security and fulfilment of a relationship. When we finally meet our soul partner, we are thrilled and believe that life is now complete. However, when things go off the beam, and the connection reaches an end, we go through mixed emotions that seem like to tear our soul apart. Losing people who are beloved to us leaves us in pain, and we do not understand how to handle it: let go. Letting go of a relationship that has meant everything to us is not a cake walk.

It is tough to even think about losing someone who has given us so much to remember. A person who we wanted to spent our whole life with, the only person whom we were always to rely on, the only person who stood beside us when the rest left us suddenly disappears from our world. Nobody can ever envisage the aching, the agony we would be going through. It would be the time when we feel alone, depressed but each one of us has to undergo this pain some or the other day in our life. When we lose somebody near to us, our world can feel suddenly different and unknown. Without them, we wouldn’t know what to do. 

We start to miss them so much. Even though they are not near, we always carry them in our heart. We may find simple routine tasks nearly impossible to do. On another day we may feel depressed, and the next moment we might be angry toward friends, family, or the world. For some, the experience will be intense, with a quick succession of high and low emotions. But we should always remember that whatever emotion you are feeling is a part of your grieving process.

The hardest part of all to unchain our heart that’s holding on and start to live our life again as nothing has happened at all. At that acute moment, the only thing left with us is the memories of our dear one. These memories work as a ray of sunshine after the storm to bring a smile on our face. Even though it’s meant for a few seconds, we are pleased to have those memories stored. While looking back to the stack of photos, we realise it is the best way of preserving the memories of our dear one. They are the window to our past that was once so beautiful.

The tears flow down while we sit there and attempt to describe that picture. It is probably the most painful memory we have. But whether good or bad, these will only be the things you have with you of your dearly one. There will be so many good moments you shared – It might be the first time you met them, the happy moments you both shared, your marriage, the moments when you fought over silly topics and then try to overcome those fights apologising to each other. These small little moments form a major part of our life through memories.

As we try to move on with our life, we might find that we can think of our loved one and feel happy instead of sad or hurt. Embrace those feelings of joy and happiness, and think of them as the gifts your loved one has provided you. Despite how firm we try, we cannot live in the past nor stay forever in the present. To live, we must move on and look to the future. In spite of several years passing by, the love that we once lost cannot be replaced, as if we have lost a part within us. The aching of that damage stays forever. Still, life goes on, sadly on a different pathway than we assumed. Sometimes it’s the only choice left which becomes the only way to live our life. We need to feel good and live with the memories of a precious one, treasure them and move on in life.

Love her or Not?

She might not be the easiest girl to fall for. She tends to overthink a lot. Sometimes, she tends to overreact and often gets insecure. If you are with her, she’ll want your complete attention. Even though she doesn’t say much, but she notices every minute detail about you. She doesn’t appreciate fancy gifts, all she wants is your time and love. She is quite skeptical about her choices and therefore requires a lot of assurance.

There are times when she doesn’t know when to stop fighting with you even if she’s wrong and there are days when there is a storm inside her but still prefer to stay Calm. She might shove you away if she senses that you will hurt her. She may not be a Foodie but she can have her favourite food all week round. She might not be a sports enthusiast but outdoor games still do not fail to bring out the child in her. She loves to hang out but at the same time, she is one who would prefer to spend her weekends in the comfort of her home.

Loving her will pressure you, make you anguish, at times break your heart. There will be a time when loving her will test you, challenge you, and might as well change you. It may get so tough that you’ll be lured to walk away; it may get so difficult that you’ll think about giving up, and it may get so intricate that you won’t want to deal with her anymore. Loving her means you get to see her at her worst and most vulnerable and that is something that you’ll have to be strong enough to handle because she needs someone who’s tolerant enough to understand her.

She might not be the best at being loved but she’s pretty amazing at loving. Once you succeed in conquering her heart, you will have the best of her. She is the woman that will not have any second thoughts in giving all she could, just to get the smile on her man’s face. She loves fearlessly, unconditionally and sincerely. She will be the one you can bank upon when the rest of the world becomes cynical. If you’re her Man then you are the Man of her tiny little world too. And if she really is the one for you then She is definitely worth the risk 🙂

Love – The Uncommon that is so Common❤️

Love couple

You love Chicken, I’m a Vegetarian

You Eat butterscotch, I like chocolate

You’re interested in Sports, I like Craft

You watch Science-fiction Movies, I like Horror Films

You Play PS, I Read Books

You think Practically, I think Reasonably

You can talk to anyone and everyone, I’m reserved and keep distance from Strangers

There are a whole lot of things which we don’t have in common. But, the most important uncommon thing between us is the fact that we are loving two different people.

You love me and I love you.❤️

And that is the beauty of our relation or for that matter every relation. To appreciate the differences instead of trying to change your partner. Celebrate these small things in life because these are things that matter the most in every relation. Accepting the uncommon and giving them the same importance as common. 

Love – A mere feeling or an obsession for life

Last week, my 2-year-old nephew asked me a sweet question. He asked me what love is. which actually made me rethink my definition of love. So what exactly is love? For me, it is something more than just an emotion. It is something that has binds us all together. It is feeling that holds the strength of making even the impossible possible. It’s a touch of warmth and care. Something that is so pure like the innocence of children.

Love has no definite definition; it is everything that we do for the person we care for. It is when your mom cooks your favourite dinner for you or your dad gives the last piece of his pizza to you just because you like it, or when your sibling saves you from getting scold or when your friend helps you in shopping. Love is found in the simplest of things. One doesn’t always have to gift fancy gifts or take you out for expensive dinner dates. It is not something that you need to show always, it is something that needs to be felt.

Love is not always a bed of roses. Sometimes there are thorns too. It is graceful. It is stubborn. It is restful. It is wild. It sometimes is gentle and sometimes tough. It ties you down and at the same time helps you fly. It strengthens you within and sometimes makes you vulnerable too. Nowadays, we tend to take love for granted. You can’t just fake love; it is something that is natural. It is sweet sacrifices and compromises that we do for our loved ones. It not about ‘me’, it is more about ‘you’ and ‘we’ and that what’s making it so special.

The understanding of other person’s point of view and respecting their thinking is what defines love. But remember, love is a two-way street and never should be walked down alone. Never beg down for your love and self-respect. You can’t just force things on somebody just because you believe it. What matter is how you make them believe in it and how you appreciate the differences? Love is a butterfly that will fly away if you run behind it but will come and sit on your shoulder if you embrace it. It is like sand in your palm. The more you try hard to hold it, the more you will lose it.

If you genuinely care about the person, you should respect their set of decisions, guide them whenever needed but always take their thoughts into consideration. A little jealousy and possessiveness are always healthy in a relationship but never make it your definition. We tend to develop an ownership of the person we love. Surely, it is natural that we want to feel important and special in that person’s life and there’s is nothing wrong about it. But being bossy and dominating in a relationship is certainly not the right thing to do

Love is happiness and it should not make you or your partner feel frustrated and irritated. If the relation is getting toxic day-by-day, it is advisable to end it on a good note rather than dragging yourself in it. Learn to solve your issues maturely by communicating transparently rather than just shouting at the top of your voice and humiliating the other person. Every relation will have fights and difference of opinions but how you manage to overcome them is what defines love.

What do you think? Do share your views on it in the comment section below.