Letters to Juliet

Last week when boredom began to take over me and as my saviour I looked upon my friend to get some movie choices. She suggested me a list of movies in which I happened to come across a movie named ‘Letter’s to Juliet’. Now, there might be many among you who have watched it decade ago but I assume that there are still several ignorant like me who are totally unaware of it. The movie was a delight but what caught my attention was the fact on which the entire movie was designed.  You can call me naïve but until this point in my life I was completely unaware of this sweet-tempered tradition that has been into practises for ages now. As we all know, Sir William Shakespeare never failed to impress us with his remarkable writings but to have one of his most beautiful fictional character Juliet Capulet from his timeless romance genre Romeo Juliet into life is a next level of intimacy towards literature.

Love is in the Air in Verona, Italy

A place in Verona, Italy (Juliet’s hometown) which is considered Juliet’s home, where there is this iconic balcony which Romeo is said to have climbed every night to meet Juliet; lovelorn folks from around the world visit this place writing notes and letters to Shakespeare favourite heroine, seeking her advice and counsel. And it’s not just that, there is a club which includes members who called them Juliet’s secretaries. This team of volunteers reply back to every heartfelt letter or note that is addressed to Juliet on behalf of Juliet. If you look beyond the scraps of paper, pink bubble-gum and graffiti-plastered walls of Juliet’s home and you’ll find a genuine and lovely tradition known as the Club di Giulietta. How interesting is that, right? Ever since the time I watched the film and researched about this endearing belief, I have this constant urge to experience what it feels like to write an actual letter pouring your heart out to one of literature’s great heroine. And getting a letter from Juliet is definitely something on my bucket list :p

So,What are your thoughts on the same?

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