My Lost Treasure

In life you meet all kinds of people, some make you laugh, some make you cry, some lifts your spirit, some stamp your soul, some stay for lifetime others are just lessons learned. Then all of a sudden, you meet someone you connect instantly, someone with whom you can talk without a filter. But somehow you realize that staying with them would make your life go haywire. Nevertheless, even in that chaos, you somewhere find peace with them. You still wish to pause time with them.

Heartbreaks are part of our lives, and as we move on, we realize even though the memories get fade off, there will always be a part of you who will sneak out of that window of time to pause for a while and relive those moments of a lifetime. We can’t go back in time, nor can we change our pasts, but even if we could, would you change it for the cost of your future?

Some things are certainly meant to be no matter what we do. Some paths are to be crossed, some are to be walked parallel, and some become our home. And no matter how much ever we want to protect and hold on to that treasure of memories, we soon realize that it was meant to slip just like sand through your fingers.

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