Birthday Wish…Dear Love

Woah..!! Looked at you. A full grown man already. So how does it feel to have walked this earth a quarter of a century? Insane right? Haha but it is definititely a memorable experience. I’m writing this as a letter to you because I consider myself an essential part of your life as you are to mine. You know how bad i’m at communicating so i prefer to pen down my feelings.

I still remember the young enthusiastic you, with eyes full of dreams to conquer. I may not have said this before but i admired the way you look at things differently. Maybe that’s why i fall for you so easily. I have seen the best of you and the worst of you. Most importantly i have seen you grow. I still remember the time when you were struggling to get a job; being out whole day,waiting for your round and that too when you were barely 18. The time when you got your first salary n you wanted to buy me something. I was so happy seeing you happy.

I have seen the hardships you faced due to the family problems. Even after it, i rejoice the moment you fulfilled your dream of getting your favourite bike. All by yourself. Over the years, you have grown so much and you still never fail to impress me. I just want to tell you you’ve made me so proud. Years have passed by giving us so many life changing experiences and lessons that helped us grow. I want you to enter this new phase of your life with the same spirit that you had in your early days and with bright hopes for the future.

I know at times it feels like you’ve lived an eternity, and other times you are reminded about how far you have to go yet. Life seems to be moving in slow motion and hyper speed at the same time. There are days where you feel completely in control of your life, and days when you don’t know which way is up. You’ve had your ups and downs and you will have highs and lows; that’s what life is all about, right? But through all of these, one thing that will always be beside you is my love.

With years our priorities and responsibilities will shift and you might see your perspective constantly being stretched, twisted, and redefined through experiences that you will have. Then there will be time when you doubt and question every recent decision you’ve made or that you will make.

“Am I doing the right thing?”

“Am I where I’m supposed to be?”

“How come I can’t seem to win?”

But you should stay calm and work out things your way. Always remember that you can’t appreciate winning until you’ve experienced losing. All the struggles that you had or will have will sharpened your sense of self and strengthened your resilience. There are personality traits you’ve been able to tweak, strengthen, and even shed when necessary. But the one that has stayed strong throughout your life is your passion to be the best.

Be grateful for being blessed with amazing people around you, who support, and teach you so much. No matter how many differences, your family will always stand behind you and back you with love and support you through thick and thin.

So at 25, it’s become evident that even though you have experienced a lot and learned more, you’ve only just begun. Call it cliché, but everything happens for a reason. The lowest lows can be the best lessons; lessons needed for later use. Do what you can with what you have and keep your vision fixated on your goals. With this, I wish you all the very best in whatever you do and always remember no matter what, I’ll always be there to provide comfort and stand by you in your hard times and applaud you for your success.

Happy 25th Birthday Darling!