The Lockdown – Stay Home, Stay Safe!

I’m getting bored at home! It’s been one week since the lockdown due to corona virus, I have been home and have repeated this dialogue almost 100 times. Quite relatable right! I’ m sure, I’m not the only one doing it. This sudden drift in our lives have certainly taken a toll over us. But do you remember yourself wishing for that one extra day off at work or school? Yes, I do regret that thought now. Obviously, we didn’t wish for something like this to happen.

Somehow, this made me remember Anne Frank. I know there is no comparison between the struggles faced by the Jews. But this indeed connects us to the personal mental struggle of every household faced during those times. We have been shattered by the mere thought of being locked down for 21 days. Can you even imagine the struggle faced by Anne Frank and her family of being lockdown for almost two years? They were protecting their lives from the Nazis, and here we are protecting ours from the COVID-19.

Hope never Fades

This sudden break in our life made me think about how temporary everything around us is. This made me realize how uncertain our life is. One moment we are so busy making our lives, and the next moment everything takes a halt. Everything that seems so essential in my entire life now seems useless. I believe everything will space out with time, and life will get back to normal soon, but this time is crucial. We have always cribbed for having an extra Sunday or getting more time to spend with our family. Especially the ones, living in metropolitan cities, we, people, are always busy making our careers, building a life for our loved ones and us. This is your moment to live that life with your family, make the most of it because you will never get it back. Stay home and stay safe! And together will come out through this soon.

P.S: For those unaware of Anne Frank, please do read The diary of a Young Girl.

2 thoughts on “The Lockdown – Stay Home, Stay Safe!”

  1. Past is history Tomorrow is mystery and today is the gift that’s why it is called as present . Yes it’s not easy to stay at home just imagine we are in the womb of our mother Time will come again to explore the world ….

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